Independent games not to miss the day of Dev

The Day of the Dev introduced 17 independent games. It was a bit too much to cover in a small story, so in this article, I will list my best choices. Obviously, this list will be biased, you will also want to see the action-adventure list and the puzzle list to see all the games presented.

  • Goose game : This game is not new, but what is new is its global release and its new packaging. You can now buy a physical copy of the 100% ecological game. If you have not played this game, I recommend trying it. This game was actually one of the reasons I bought a switch (it was initially available only on Switch). It is an adorable puzzle resolution game in which you play a goose is nothing good. Your misadventures include a picnic, the flight shifted and the terror of a young boy.
  • I'm dead : This game takes place on Shelmerston's whimsical island. It is an adventure and puzzle game in which you play the preservative of the local museum. But, there is a quirk about your character, he died. Death gives you unique capabilities to see inside objects, even memories in the heads of people! With your dead dog, you will encounter ghosts, will discover the secrets of the island and solve puzzles.

Watch this BEFORE you GIVE UP on Indie Game Development... * Fightegin Valley Creeped : This is better described as a surrealist folk music puzzle game. The game takes place in a human spirit whose moral compass has been broken, which has been ravaging in the world. The goal of the game is to find out who broke the compass and restore peace in the world. It is an ethical journey in which you have to strike a balance between open and closed perspectives that have the power to change the perception of the world. * Mechinus : Developed by Huey Games, in this game you play an adorable wheel in a world of watchmaking. As you move in the mechanical world, the interdependence of the characters and the world comes alive. Your goal is to travel to the heart of the world to save it.

The theme common to these games is that they are all the resolvers of whimsical riddles. The games are also beautifully animated, but to be honest, all games presented in Day of the Dev were visually breathtaking. So, the main element that made me want to check the games is their original history and their whimsical humor. If you liked the game MINUSCLE BIG BANG as much as I did, these could be suitable for you.


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